Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Hoosain Ayod died due to a kidney ailment.© AFP

South Africa’s Indian origin legendary fast bowler Hoosain Ayob has died following a prolonged illness, never having played for the country due to apartheid. He was 81. Ayob had been internationally recognised as one of the greatest players in the history of the country but wasn’t allowed to represent it because of apartheid. He died due to a kidney ailment in a hospital on Saturday morning while visiting family in Port Elizabeth. The pacer had overcome many hurdles in his life, both personal and professional, which he documented in his 2020 book ‘Crossing Boundaries’.

In the foreword of the book, celebrated cricketer Clive Lloyd wrote, “Hoosain’s resilience and persistence in achieving excellence were exceptional.”

After the United Cricket Board (present-day Cricket South Africa) was inaugurated, and South Africa was readmitted to the international fold, Ayob played a pivotal role in the International Cricket Council’s development committee.

Even in his 70s, Ayob undertook the training of coaches and made the odd trip to Africa, where he spent the last decade of his life spreading the game of cricket.

He guided thousands of children across the African continent to develop a love for cricket. This led him to become a sought-after motivational speaker.


Ayob was a teacher by profession, serving at a number of schools across the old province of Transvaal.

He was working on a second book titled ‘My Last Innings’, to give patients and the public an insight into the emotional, physical and mental suffering he had to endure as a dialysis patient.

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